My friend Dominic Brack and I did a you won't challenge this week, joined by our wonderful friend Kyla Kennedy. Some interesting stuff happened here that you won't wanna miss. Comment down below something creative.

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    I subscribe

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    Melis Saltoğlu

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    omg you are so sweeeet sofieeee

  4. Dhruti Jhaveri

    Dhruti Jhaveri

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    Me sitting right here, eating and drinking while watching Kyla make a "shake" Me: (´;︵;`)

  5. Katelyn Nguyen

    Katelyn Nguyen

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    Why is no one talking about dom asking Soviet to kiss

  6. Gacha Matrix

    Gacha Matrix

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    *Looks at title* *beside me is my baby bro* Me: Im fine with that, MWA

  7. carl brown

    carl brown

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    I mean I think Dexi will be a reallity

  8. carl brown

    carl brown

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    I fell Demi will be a reality

    • carl brown

      carl brown

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      I mean I fell Dexi will be a reallity

  9. carl brown

    carl brown

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    I don’t feel like Dofie will be a reality

  10. Lucy Greig

    Lucy Greig

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    I love you dom so much ok

  11. xSushiXXSquadx


    9 soat oldin

    who elses name is kyla....just me??????->

  12. Akul Koul

    Akul Koul

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    aww dom is tieing sofies shoelacess

  13. Graceann Shousky

    Graceann Shousky

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    I agree with dofie

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    My Nguyen-Soy

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  15. Katelyn Nguyen

    Katelyn Nguyen

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    Who is ships doggie rn in 2020 if you are 👇🏼

    • Katelyn Nguyen

      Katelyn Nguyen

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      Ooooop dofie sry guys

  16. Tanya Gibson

    Tanya Gibson

    11 soat oldin

    They are so cute together

  17. potato chips

    potato chips

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    6:15 Sofie is acting like she is in labor or something lol

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  20. I CaNt SeE ThEm BuT CaN ThEY

    I CaNt SeE ThEm BuT CaN ThEY

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    Release some dabbing and slapping Zack merch

  21. Emma Lee

    Emma Lee

    14 soat oldin

    Sofie:don’t dare look at my phone

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  23. Sonam Choki dawa

    Sonam Choki dawa

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    Zack's channel has no videos and has 88.7K subscribers

  24. Mia Howcroft

    Mia Howcroft

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    The way Dom did her shoe laces

  25. Kailieann Tengler

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  27. meegenics


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    Umm,that's a naice way to pu makeup

  28. Kashiben Dhameliya

    Kashiben Dhameliya

    17 soat oldin

    0:21 love those couple seconds when Dom is tieing laces of Sofie #dofie

  29. Monkey That Dances

    Monkey That Dances

    18 soat oldin

    Guess who the fan is yeah I think the name was Dominic Brack yeah that's the one

  30. Christine Sibley

    Christine Sibley

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    Who saw dom do sofies shoe lace



    18 soat oldin

    DOFIE like if you agree

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    Sonya Khan

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    i like how u changed clothes multiple

  34. Sonya Khan

    Sonya Khan

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    0:39 i didn't do because its not nice to make people force to give u free clout

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    I ship Sofie with that dude😏👁👄👁💅✨

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    I ship you and dom

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    ı shıp dom and lexi riveya

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    Zoe Correa

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    Dom looked so sad when Sofie kissed Kyla and him :((((( But Sofie: >:DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  41. Titemi Giwa

    Titemi Giwa

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    Dom and sofie make a cute couple I ship them

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    I liked and I subscribed 1 year ago ;-;

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    I did that you won't dare like and subscribe

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    they are soo fckin cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    No i wont subscribe

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    I can tell Dom likes Sofie

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    Charis Gilmore

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    Sofie, your laugh is so contagious 😍 I love it.

  49. Violeta Vibez

    Violeta Vibez

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    Girl:"Hey Sophie" Sophie:"I can't talk to you because you have an Android"

  50. The Kids

    The Kids

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    After Dom was spinned in the thing I felt like throwing up for him

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    I liked and subscribe i have a yiu won't thing you all won't sub to her channel

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    I guess Dom gave up on Lexi!

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    Dom wanted the last dare to happen 😂 😉

  54. daniel Delisca

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    why she do that ;-;

  55. Rose Ngeno

    Rose Ngeno

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    dom:you wont kiss the person to your left. sofie: yeah dom:REALLY

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  57. Sa A

    Sa A

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    You didnt kiss for real

  58. _peachyava


    Kun oldin

    Poor Dom, he had to spin around on the acrobatic tool for like 100 times, and then almost threw up because of Kyla's smoothie.

  59. zailey mason

    zailey mason

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    Me:*Fake Coughs* I ship ;)

  60. Salma Bendahmane

    Salma Bendahmane

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    In the beginning Sofie says you won’t like and sub and in my head I say NOPE love them but lol😂😂😂😂

  61. Queen Bimi

    Queen Bimi

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    Are they a couple ? Let us ask them

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    You are the best!!!!!,😊😊😊🙃🙃🙃

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    awwww such a cute couple you are

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    AJ Let’s play

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    My stuffed animal was next to me

  65. Averie F

    Averie F

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    I just realized Kyla played the little girl in The Walking Dead. I know she was familiar!

  66. michelle so

    michelle so

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    i ship them 😻

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    Scarlett Mazanec

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    #CoupleGoals (Dom and Sofie = Som/Dofie)

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    Yeaaaa dom a fan said that mhmmmm what's the name of this fann

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    Android gang wya

  70. Hagan Playz

    Hagan Playz

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    Dom just for one second plz stop touching your hair

  71. Isabella Baumann

    Isabella Baumann

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    I feel so bad about the "shake"

  72. Descendants Fan

    Descendants Fan

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    10:40 lol

  73. Descendants Fan

    Descendants Fan

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    I I I I I I love your video

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    Dofie dofie dofie!!!

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    Omg!!!! U and Dom literily make THE PERFECT couple!!! I mean... who else agrees!??!?!😍

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    Maddie Playz!

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    Omg Dom at the beginning when he tied Sofies shoe lace during the intro 🥺🥺

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    Sofia dodi love your videos I subscribe

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    The new ship dofie

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    Gotcha brooklyn

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    For real

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    Who ships dofie like if you agree.

  87. Isabelle YEN

    Isabelle YEN

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    That kyla girl looks like khloe kardashian literally.

  88. C 05 Kamerynn Dias

    C 05 Kamerynn Dias

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    Dom is soooo sweet he was tying Sophie's shoe lace 😭❤️ Dophie❤️

  89. Toalima Tupua

    Toalima Tupua

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    I think she's trying to kill sofie

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    dofie is love

  91. Snehashree Sinha

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    David Pickworth

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    Why is Dom married he's got a ring there

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    "Random fact": You Can't Breathe while smiling. Joking,Just Wanted To Make You Smile:)))

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      Thank you I needed that

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      @Sheetal Yadav IKRR

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  95. Malibu


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    👇👇👇👇 Click there if u literally saw dom randomly tieing sofies shoe that was perfectly tied.

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    sofia rojas

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    omg I think Dom has acrush on sofi AHHHHHH SO CUTE OK Ok ok sofi x Dom!!!

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    Please go out with don Brent proved it

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    i do

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    You are so flexible

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    Dom is a very big simp ngl in a second he will ask soph out XD