The SHOCKING Truth About My SPINE [PART 2]

Part 2 of the compelling Sofie Dossi spine series. This week Sofie takes a DNA test to find out where she's from. But something happens...
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Sofie is a self-taught contortionist, hand balancer, aerialist. 2016 America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Contestant & FINALIST. She can be seen on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon.
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  1. Josie


    51 daqiqa oldin

    Dr. Sir ya said my name

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    Jacqueline Jackson

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    how was the girl

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    Alexcia Litchmore

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    Zakirah Khan

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    Tell me the truth!!!!!

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    Ben Boris

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    we really needed to know the results why sofie why

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    Rainbow Rabbit

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    If sofie is half bunny imma die

  9. Toxic Pineapple

    Toxic Pineapple

    10 soat oldin

    People who wonder if she has a spine 😐 Of course she does if she didn’t then she would not be able to stand up cause ur spine helps u stand up she just put every second in practicing

  10. Hemavathy Rajesh Kumar

    Hemavathy Rajesh Kumar

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  11. Anu Jacob

    Anu Jacob

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    Can you teach me also I am Emy can you tell your phone number

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    Stephanie Herrera

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  13. Nancy Lewis

    Nancy Lewis

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    I am shocked

  14. Natalie Ramirez

    Natalie Ramirez

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    you now that the easy way is to just put your hand on your back and fell if you fell bone then you do have a spine was it that hard

  15. Antonela Martinez

    Antonela Martinez

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    U have a spine bc I can do all of that

  16. Karina Turcinskaite

    Karina Turcinskaite

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  17. Fatma Ghoneim

    Fatma Ghoneim

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  18. Dane Naiman

    Dane Naiman

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  19. savannah Conroy

    savannah Conroy

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  20. Dylan Horsey

    Dylan Horsey

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    Rxses Royale

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    Omg Sofia not like tee

  23. Bama Cindy Collier

    Bama Cindy Collier

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    Sophie obviously has a spine if she didn't she wouldn't be able to walk☺☺

  24. Callie Greene

    Callie Greene

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    im watching this in 2020!!

  25. Callie Greene

    Callie Greene

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  26. Dislet


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    Welp, 10 minutes of my life were just wasted

  27. soy sarah Ramirez

    soy sarah Ramirez

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    you are so fake wy you invent things that never happened

  28. Mia Gymnast

    Mia Gymnast

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    Quetzali Preciado-Cruz

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    this is clickbait just for us to hear about your Merch i might unsubscribe

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    josepha OMG

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    Go to a real doc and tell us after Who agrees 👇 👇

  33. Katie O'Toole

    Katie O'Toole

    2 kun oldin

    Hi Sofie Dossi I'm with my friends and I wonder if you have a spine.❤❤️💜😐

  34. Rosie Salma

    Rosie Salma

    2 kun oldin

    Sofie will u ever go to Arab's got talent to perform contortion I really wish if u performed at Arab's got talent I'm also Arab I'm from Egypt but I live out of Egypt



    2 kun oldin

    In the video I herd I don't have a spine because I am an alein



    2 kun oldin

    Is the x-ray in the picture of the video real

  37. Jeremy Humphrey

    Jeremy Humphrey

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    Zack Davis

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  40. Zack Davis

    Zack Davis

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    Ella Francis

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    Gisele Corbo

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    Gisele Corbo

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    The Ultimate Claw

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  45. The Ultimate Claw

    The Ultimate Claw

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  47. Ro Ladybug

    Ro Ladybug

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    Ro Ladybug

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    Waste of time! We didn’t even hear the results:(

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    RIOT Clan

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    اليازية Alyazea

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    Lila Daisy

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    Josie Coath

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    Cherrish CutFinger

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  58. Skittles


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    Tabitha Winkelman

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    Rachel Hume

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    Wujuudat Balogun

    5 kun oldin

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    • Richard Adams

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    valery gentzlinger

    5 kun oldin

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    Muzaina Rahaman

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  67. Muzaina Rahaman

    Muzaina Rahaman

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    Ellie's gyemtasticys

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    keny Vitija

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  70. Diane White

    Diane White

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    She has a spine but it is flexible very

    • Zoe Gayle

      Zoe Gayle

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      Sophie Rankin

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    Sofia Isadora Kilter

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    Amy Summergreene

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    Kathryn torello

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