This week Zak and I did the pause challenge again... I got him pretty good again... maybe even better than last time. Comment Below your favorite one!!
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  1. Sofie Dossi

    Sofie Dossi

    Yil oldin

    What part was your favorite??!

    • June Laos

      June Laos

      2 oy oldin


    • karen shaji john

      karen shaji john

      2 oy oldin

      Hi Sofi pz say hi

    • Ella Michelle F.G

      Ella Michelle F.G

      3 oy oldin

      ALL OF IT!!!!

    • Ethan Stevens

      Ethan Stevens

      3 oy oldin

      part 1

    • • Łittłe Łavender Gacha •

      • Łittłe Łavender Gacha •

      3 oy oldin


  2. ahcene djermoun

    ahcene djermoun

    Soat oldin

    Hello soufie ayam froum algiryan



    16 soat oldin

    You are my idol!

  4. Evi Mandouraraki

    Evi Mandouraraki

    3 kun oldin

    Do part 3

  5. LPS LoLo

    LPS LoLo

    3 kun oldin

    You should do a you will challenge like they have to stop doing something or they can't do something.

  6. amar kaur

    amar kaur

    3 kun oldin

    When you pranked zack

  7. Alan Harris

    Alan Harris

    4 kun oldin

    You no Sofie the song is not that bad

  8. Isla McArragher

    Isla McArragher

    4 kun oldin

    Sofie I can't believe Zak dropped your phone 📱 is the water 💦

  9. Novalee Cardinal élève

    Novalee Cardinal élève

    4 kun oldin

    I love your vidio !!!!!!

  10. risla salam

    risla salam

    4 kun oldin

    I love you sofie how about your phone🤔🤔🤔

  11. Helen Călitu

    Helen Călitu

    7 kun oldin


  12. mango x

    mango x

    8 kun oldin

    The phone was probably back up or old

  13. Kasia Tomczak

    Kasia Tomczak

    9 kun oldin

    looks good

  14. Blue Butterfly

    Blue Butterfly

    13 kun oldin

    I love how she Just dumbed the bucket of ice like it’s nothin

  15. kiki pathak

    kiki pathak

    14 kun oldin

    The ice

  16. Kailey Carrington

    Kailey Carrington

    15 kun oldin

    Slap zak

  17. Angelina Jojo

    Angelina Jojo

    15 kun oldin


  18. Lara shine

    Lara shine

    17 kun oldin

    Sofie: hi hi Zak: Sofie what are you doing no! No!

  19. Linda Cousineau

    Linda Cousineau

    17 kun oldin

    Ice was cool

  20. Tania Bhamdouni

    Tania Bhamdouni

    17 kun oldin

    Can you please make a nother pause video

  21. Shampavi Ainkaran

    Shampavi Ainkaran

    18 kun oldin

    My fav part is when you put ice on zac!!!😄😄😄😄😃😃😄😄😄

  22. Bella Garrison

    Bella Garrison

    19 kun oldin

    Hey Sofie!! That the last part was so funny 😂 I subscribed and bought your merch is is so soft I love it I bought the gym bag, sweat shirt , and tee shirt

  23. Maria Davis

    Maria Davis

    19 kun oldin

    Zack you are a mean brother

  24. cheryllittle bananinhanews

    cheryllittle bananinhanews

    22 kun oldin

    Sofie puts thing on Zac chest. He laugh Sofie in her head thinking: if you move or laugh a bIt yOu will hAvE to shave your armpits moreeeee. Sofie lifts arm. Sings: dum Dee do dum Dee dee

  25. cheryllittle bananinhanews

    cheryllittle bananinhanews

    22 kun oldin

    Zac: SOFIE!! no! Sofie: its disgusting Zac: then don't sHaVe my aRmPiTs. Sofie : ooh look! It's so hairy! Zac : ouch!!

  26. cheryllittle bananinhanews

    cheryllittle bananinhanews

    22 kun oldin

    I like how Sofie saved the BEST until last. Lol. ZAK ARMPITS!!!

  27. Ashley's Gaming Channel

    Ashley's Gaming Channel

    23 kun oldin

    Hi guys, can you pls sub to my channel? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 IT'S TOO RIDICULOUS OF HOW YOU MADE ZAK PICK HIS NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCH A GREAT IDEA SOFIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awww I feel bad for you Sofie. I hope that you can afford another phone!



    23 kun oldin

    I feel bad for sofie to because her phone got dropped of the pier



    23 kun oldin

    I feel bad for zac

  30. All Out Paty Murillo

    All Out Paty Murillo

    26 kun oldin

    If u ever want to meet sofie dossi go to Starbucks 24/7

  31. K.S


    26 kun oldin

    "I'm such a good sister"😂 😂

  32. Huda Waj

    Huda Waj

    27 kun oldin

    when he said its not cool it actaully was cool🤣🥶

  33. Amayas Mummy

    Amayas Mummy

    27 kun oldin

    Did Zack actually drop your phone in the water 😨

  34. Danielle Welbon

    Danielle Welbon

    28 kun oldin

    Pick his nose

  35. Danielle Welbon

    Danielle Welbon

    28 kun oldin

    1 year later

  36. Leiya Random ness

    Leiya Random ness

    28 kun oldin

    I hate zak he so mean

  37. Hayat Tandail

    Hayat Tandail

    29 kun oldin

    In the next video I dare you to color zak hair

  38. Jackson Spruiell

    Jackson Spruiell

    Oy oldin


  39. Ragedlocked 452

    Ragedlocked 452

    Oy oldin


  40. Melos Eyob

    Melos Eyob

    Oy oldin

    Pls do part 3. But all are nice.I love it

  41. Kate And Jennifer

    Kate And Jennifer

    Oy oldin

    #sophiedossi I love you sophie and your pause challengs my favourite challengs 😘

  42. Taylor Walton

    Taylor Walton

    Oy oldin

    I love sofie

  43. Aubrey Stuart

    Aubrey Stuart

    Oy oldin

    0:26 actually, it is cool Zak

  44. Micelina Raschilla

    Micelina Raschilla

    Oy oldin

    My favourite part was when you put ice in zacks bed

  45. Micelina Raschilla

    Micelina Raschilla

    Oy oldin

    I love watching you sofie ✌️

  46. Zoe Chad

    Zoe Chad

    Oy oldin

    You are so amazing 💛

  47. Shooting Star

    Shooting Star

    Oy oldin

    All of yours sofie I am a big fan

  48. Rajashree Nale

    Rajashree Nale

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  49. April Curry

    April Curry

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  50. April Curry

    April Curry

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  51. April Curry

    April Curry

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  52. Natalie Russell

    Natalie Russell

    Oy oldin

    You are so mean zac I mean it😡

  53. mickey mouse

    mickey mouse

    Oy oldin

    she did the -_-"ik what ur doing and im gunna get u back" face

  54. mickey mouse

    mickey mouse

    Oy oldin

    wow even after he got ice poured on him he still didnt move

  55. Malak Karain

    Malak Karain

    Oy oldin

    sofie pleas can i be in it for free i had some bad days recently my dad died so cn you pleas😥

  56. Caylie Carreon

    Caylie Carreon

    Oy oldin

    I am sure a good sister 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  57. Kylie Lewis

    Kylie Lewis

    Oy oldin

    I want you to teach me contourtion

  58. zarmeena numan

    zarmeena numan

    Oy oldin

    ha ha

  59. Gaheer Kanwalnain

    Gaheer Kanwalnain

    Oy oldin

    🤣I was drinking milk and when sophie let the wheelchair drop I almost spit the out with laughter!!😂

  60. Jason Tan

    Jason Tan

    Oy oldin

    This is how much time sofie mess with Zak

  61. Luka VANDEN BOOM


    Oy oldin

    love vedio

  62. Micah Brown

    Micah Brown

    Oy oldin

    Ur such a good sister😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  63. Ines G

    Ines G

    Oy oldin

    I loved it when Sofie threw Zack’s phone .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  64. Tiziana Moreiras

    Tiziana Moreiras

    Oy oldin

    The ice one is my Favorite

  65. Amber Gonzales

    Amber Gonzales

    Oy oldin

    Sofia and zach you are bad at this challenge

  66. 火爆哥


    Oy oldin

    Zak is anonymous

  67. Lena Martinez

    Lena Martinez

    Oy oldin

    I don’t like your brother

  68. a slime sister

    a slime sister

    Oy oldin

    Zack you went way to far with the phone thing

  69. K Donnell

    K Donnell

    Oy oldin


  70. Jolie Russell

    Jolie Russell

    Oy oldin

    When he says "I'm going to go change it to Ricardo's newest singe" I be like okay you people need to pause and tell me who r guy is!!.. 😑

  71. Xcakey cakesX

    Xcakey cakesX

    Oy oldin

    I felt bad when I saw Zak with ice on his bed and all over him :c and that ricardo song, omg XD

  72. Yael Rieger

    Yael Rieger

    Oy oldin

    my fav is the ice

  73. Constance Mashishi

    Constance Mashishi

    Oy oldin

    You and your brother look the same

  74. Jayme Gray

    Jayme Gray

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  75. Liliana Gonzales

    Liliana Gonzales

    Oy oldin

    I'm mean sofie

  76. Liliana Gonzales

    Liliana Gonzales

    Oy oldin

    You are hilarious

  77. Liliana Gonzales

    Liliana Gonzales

    Oy oldin

    All of your pranks

  78. Homero Espinoza

    Homero Espinoza

    Oy oldin

    Does anyone know what the background music is called 0:33

  79. Natalia Campbell

    Natalia Campbell

    Oy oldin

    Sophie and your biggest fan now I do contortion and my sister on FaceTime Dylan’s best friends sister is friends with you so yeah

  80. KickboxerLily1


    Oy oldin

    Zack: This is not cool im going to get u back Sofie: This is cool and u know what imma going to hide the contraller! Zack: *findes it* Sofie: deos a handstand! while paused by Zack Me: OMG SOFIE HOW DID U DO THAT I CANT EVEAN HOLD A HANSTAND FOR 5 SECONDS Btw nice song recalo and i have a yt channel pls subscribe it will be everything to me!!! :D

  81. Kim Simes

    Kim Simes

    Oy oldin

    You should do a part 3

  82. Zoe Spilias

    Zoe Spilias

    Oy oldin

    I love salt I would honestly do that to my food. Who's watching in 2020 not able to do any of that?

  83. Mona Kotak

    Mona Kotak

    Oy oldin

    SOFIE even I think u r a good sister 😊

  84. miguel angel delgado

    miguel angel delgado

    Oy oldin


  85. H E L L O

    H E L L O

    Oy oldin

    If sofie was not known for contortion she would be known to slap zak

  86. Kelly Smith

    Kelly Smith

    Oy oldin

    To be Anisist I like his song

  87. Kashish Bharthi

    Kashish Bharthi

    Oy oldin

    2 part

  88. gayle schmaltz

    gayle schmaltz

    Oy oldin

    You are dum zak

  89. Amy Scoggins

    Amy Scoggins

    Oy oldin

    For everyone that thinks zack was editing softies face wierd it’s becuase it’s a filter 😆

  90. Lucia Clarissa Batiz

    Lucia Clarissa Batiz

    Oy oldin

    9:14 yeah they eat very nutritive..

  91. Lucia Clarissa Batiz

    Lucia Clarissa Batiz

    Oy oldin

    7:09 Zack was a very bad brother... And where is their mom??

  92. Jack Thornhill

    Jack Thornhill

    Oy oldin

    The ice

  93. RobloxJollyRancher


    Oy oldin

    Now I love this fun game. It's a number 1 hit for me and my bestie. But ruining something like a phone is to far. All the photos, videos and progress in apps is destroyed

  94. Mira M7md

    Mira M7md

    Oy oldin

    Wen he prickd hes nose 👃

  95. Monisha Dey

    Monisha Dey

    Oy oldin

    Sofy dosn,t have a spine because Im flexabl and I can,t do that

  96. Liam Marais

    Liam Marais

    Oy oldin

    You guys are werid🤣🤣😝

  97. Madison O

    Madison O

    Oy oldin

    poor sofie and her phone

  98. feely dhabarde

    feely dhabarde

    Oy oldin

    0:15 how are they going to cleanse that??? If they are going to let it melt so they have to dry and remove the acsese water also

  99. Alissa Whistler

    Alissa Whistler

    Oy oldin

    That is not cool Zak.

  100. Janell Hale

    Janell Hale

    Oy oldin

    Zack: I JUST WOKE UP Also Zack: already dressed