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how to: Remove Your Spine

After popular demand here's a bit more advanced video on contortion if you're in the intermediate stages of bending. Have fun with these and stay safe and let me know if you'd like to see more!

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Sofie is a self-taught contortionist, hand balancer, aerialist. 2016 America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Contestant & FINALIST. She can be seen on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon.

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  1. Norma Reyna

    Norma Reyna

    11 soat oldin

    My brain:you can do this Me:I can do this my back:are you sure about that?

  2. Sara Pacheco Coj

    Sara Pacheco Coj

    16 soat oldin

    you should

  3. Emma


    19 soat oldin

    Are you trying to kill me?

  4. Una Colovic

    Una Colovic

    21 soat oldin

    I really became a contortionist over this vid tysm sofie

  5. Vijay Bheem

    Vijay Bheem

    Kun oldin

    I will die 💯 😅 If I wil only try to do this 😂😂😅

  6. Madison Johnson

    Madison Johnson

    Kun oldin

    teach a

  7. Megan Thurman

    Megan Thurman

    Kun oldin


  8. Michelle Opiyo

    Michelle Opiyo

    Kun oldin

    Please someone teach me?😁

  9. Michelle Opiyo

    Michelle Opiyo

    Kun oldin

    I love Sofie so much soo much she's amazing and she's great like my coment if you want

  10. Michelle Opiyo

    Michelle Opiyo

    Kun oldin

    Sofie is so flexible 👇

  11. Cladeleine Schmaves

    Cladeleine Schmaves

    Kun oldin

    Guys it works, I tried it! Jk I’m as flexible as a plank of wood

  12. Jamie, Stella, Jovan Homeschool Adventures

    Jamie, Stella, Jovan Homeschool Adventures

    Kun oldin

    I think you are being dangerous making everyone think they can do this. Some people can seriously hurt themselves and you should warn people that not everyone can actually do this. You are unusually flexible. Regular people can sustain damage. Be responsible.

  13. Nik Marini Nik Malik

    Nik Marini Nik Malik

    Kun oldin

    Dose anybody know that Sofie dossi do not have a spine

  14. シFukiko-Chan


    2 kun oldin

    This is how covid started

  15. Makayla and menkinzie Lavoieen

    Makayla and menkinzie Lavoieen

    2 kun oldin

    Please start a class

  16. NV 2012

    NV 2012

    2 kun oldin

    You should where dippers because your bum doesn't fit in your knickers ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha

  17. Aashita Chotkan

    Aashita Chotkan

    2 kun oldin

    Me:try's the elbow stand. Me actually doing a elbow flip

  18. Michael C

    Michael C

    2 kun oldin

    4:40 - Friendzone in 3 . 2. 1. Unless Zac is the brother?

  19. Life as Leah

    Life as Leah

    2 kun oldin

    I know right

  20. Anikathegachatuber


    3 kun oldin

    I can only do a backbend and elbow stand I'm learning how to do the splits tho

  21. Unicxrns_ Playz

    Unicxrns_ Playz

    3 kun oldin

    me: trys to do elbow stand-split Also: i can do this My mom: You'llnbreak a knee or a spine Me: breaks a knee for trying to do the spilt part

  22. Janavi Anand

    Janavi Anand

    3 kun oldin

    Sofie: So first, you’re gonna kick up into the splits Me:👁👄👁

  23. By Rafaela

    By Rafaela

    4 kun oldin

    8:47 i love the photosynthesis

  24. CHU CAVERI朱子淇


    4 kun oldin

    I can’t breath when I do the first one... it’s really hard to breath

  25. Krystal Gonzalez

    Krystal Gonzalez

    4 kun oldin

    ware do you live

  26. Anja Scaife

    Anja Scaife

    4 kun oldin

    I uld love a class

  27. LEONG WYE YE Moe


    4 kun oldin

    I only can do 1 backwalk over

  28. LEONG WYE YE Moe


    4 kun oldin

    I actulley do rhytimic gymnastics

  29. Little angel

    Little angel

    4 kun oldin

    I’m almost as flexible as as her

  30. Anshula Singh

    Anshula Singh

    4 kun oldin

    Pls train me i really wanna be contortionist or maybe flexible pls But i live in india Pls pls pls I am not very flexible

  31. magicfox dark

    magicfox dark

    5 kun oldin

    sofie dossi im chloe ereirl p. borboran i can copy the first

  32. Sunita Thakur

    Sunita Thakur

    5 kun oldin

    When is your Birthday Soffie ?😊😊

  33. catalina maria

    catalina maria

    5 kun oldin


  34. Kat and Art

    Kat and Art

    5 kun oldin


  35. yuhgirldae dae

    yuhgirldae dae

    6 kun oldin

    Ok softie dose not have a spine btw love u softie

  36. Colin Nowlan

    Colin Nowlan

    6 kun oldin

    I did the body split/twist thing

  37. Maddilynn Rearden

    Maddilynn Rearden

    6 kun oldin

    Your flexibility is not real

  38. Kylee Poggensee

    Kylee Poggensee

    6 kun oldin

    Broo i tried to do the 2 one and my back when i tried to twist was like😡😠😤👿 oh heaaackkkk noooo and it popedd soo mannyy timeess 😪😪😭😭😭😱🤣

  39. Emry Thomas

    Emry Thomas

    6 kun oldin

    I would like to

  40. Sophie Ervin

    Sophie Ervin

    6 kun oldin

    Im almost as flexible tehe i just gotta do my splits and contortion!

  41. Vynn Ee Tan

    Vynn Ee Tan

    7 kun oldin

    omg youre so flexible

  42. Michelle and Kevin McSorley

    Michelle and Kevin McSorley

    7 kun oldin

    I would like you to start a class.

  43. dead girl_ fallen angel

    dead girl_ fallen angel

    7 kun oldin

    title of the video: how to remove your spine me: clicks on videos Sofie: you can remove your spine! me: uhhh if you remove your spine there will be 99% that you will die

  44. mango x

    mango x

    7 kun oldin


  45. mango x

    mango x

    7 kun oldin

    I ain’t shocked Sofie good at this

  46. Sarah Blakely Anderson

    Sarah Blakely Anderson

    7 kun oldin


  47. Nisha. H

    Nisha. H

    7 kun oldin

    Sofie Dossi are you trying to kill us😮 like how do you do this

  48. HM Animations

    HM Animations

    7 kun oldin

    12:13 Me on a diet 12:32 My sis who is trying to make me workout and diet😂😂

  49. Hansika reddy k

    Hansika reddy k

    7 kun oldin

    Nailed a few though

  50. Sadie Ocampo

    Sadie Ocampo

    7 kun oldin

    you are my techer

  51. Jetty Dapotato

    Jetty Dapotato

    7 kun oldin

    does anyone else look up to sofie and take this serusly?😂😂

  52. C B

    C B

    7 kun oldin

    Me watching this 4 months later

  53. Audriana BM

    Audriana BM

    7 kun oldin


  54. Raelynn Beaumont

    Raelynn Beaumont

    8 kun oldin

    Teach a class

  55. Alex Lorenz

    Alex Lorenz

    8 kun oldin

    i want to go to your class if you ever make one

  56. Israeh Freeman-herdina

    Israeh Freeman-herdina

    8 kun oldin

    Soffi dossi i am a good contortionist

  57. Niaya Lawson

    Niaya Lawson

    8 kun oldin

    Y E S YES

  58. Alex Strzelichowski

    Alex Strzelichowski

    8 kun oldin

    I can't do it cause I'm fat and I can't hold myself

  59. Aurora Hines

    Aurora Hines

    8 kun oldin

    My daughter is kind of flexible and she loves your videos

  60. Rylan Gilbertson

    Rylan Gilbertson

    9 kun oldin

    do you haft to be rely strong to be flexibel

  61. Yasmeen Al-Momani

    Yasmeen Al-Momani

    9 kun oldin

    i am a gymnast but i STILL cannot do most of these things

  62. Claudia Senter

    Claudia Senter

    10 kun oldin

    my mother has the croona

  63. Fatima Aamir

    Fatima Aamir

    10 kun oldin

    Im gonna break all of my bones by following the steps🤕😱.

  64. Sara Copeland

    Sara Copeland

    10 kun oldin

    Me heart

  65. Sarang Rastogi’s

    Sarang Rastogi’s

    10 kun oldin

    Sofie please make a class I would love to join

  66. Josephine perfito

    Josephine perfito

    11 kun oldin

    Please start with easy

  67. Brandy M

    Brandy M

    11 kun oldin

    That man crying real tears

  68. Hamish Houston

    Hamish Houston

    11 kun oldin

    Yes in cape town please

  69. }•{Seasønal}•{


    12 kun oldin

    I really wished I could do this stuff Soffie if I ever meet you can you help me i wanna start contortion

  70. Michelle Roppolo

    Michelle Roppolo

    12 kun oldin

    do a whole class about removing your spine!

  71. Arden Okino

    Arden Okino

    12 kun oldin

    Yea i wanna join ur contortion class lol

  72. Camilla Roman De Leon

    Camilla Roman De Leon

    12 kun oldin

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  73. Candace Moore

    Candace Moore

    13 kun oldin


  74. Sharon Stein

    Sharon Stein

    13 kun oldin

    I can put mg leg over my neck

  75. Cole Crosby

    Cole Crosby

    14 kun oldin

    Teach us how!

  76. S Vacanti

    S Vacanti

    14 kun oldin

    me: * im as flexible as a tree*

  77. Summer Copeland

    Summer Copeland

    14 kun oldin

    Lol I watched the whole vid in the bridge on my comment like if u think I’m a con artist (which I am) Comment on my comment no if I’m not.

  78. Sreymom Bou

    Sreymom Bou

    15 kun oldin

    So when did you take out your spine did you take it out a you were a baby or your kid or you were a teenager we want to know how old were you are you took out your spine

  79. Ashley Barnard

    Ashley Barnard

    15 kun oldin

    Thankyou SOFIE

  80. Sue Smith

    Sue Smith

    15 kun oldin

    Sofie you what to make people's back hurt!

  81. sgudimella


    15 kun oldin

    sofie: doing all twists and turns me: I CAN DO THIS also me after a few minutes of trying them : tries to untangle myself

  82. Sidney Danielle

    Sidney Danielle

    16 kun oldin

    Do a class at Tulsa Oklahoma

  83. Not just another guy

    Not just another guy

    16 kun oldin

    Cats are liquid. Sofie's liquid. Conclusion: Sofie is a cat. There's no other explanation.

  84. Jules B The video game player

    Jules B The video game player

    16 kun oldin

    I’m double jointed or overflexable in my legs and elbows if that help

  85. Trisha :D

    Trisha :D

    16 kun oldin

    Sofie doing all this Me: dead from trying all this 😢😭

  86. Ava Quigley

    Ava Quigley

    16 kun oldin

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  87. Ava Quigley

    Ava Quigley

    16 kun oldin

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  88. Yako Music

    Yako Music

    16 kun oldin

    She said its ez but I can't even do a single split ;-;

  89. tomomi harrell

    tomomi harrell

    17 kun oldin

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  90. Jennifer Simundic

    Jennifer Simundic

    17 kun oldin

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  91. Sujata Deb

    Sujata Deb

    17 kun oldin

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  92. Jenny Bean

    Jenny Bean

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  93. Jenny Bean

    Jenny Bean

    18 kun oldin

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    Jenny Bean

    18 kun oldin

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  95. Emily’s Rainbow Magic

    Emily’s Rainbow Magic

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    Holly Paris

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  97. zaniko4


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    Dea Larch

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    Roblox Kenzie

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    Mykayla Sproat

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