EXTREME DARES in PUBLIC w/ my Best Friend

My Best Friend Mathilde and I did the YOU WON'T challenge and dared each other do to ridiculous things in public!
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Sofie is a self-taught contortionist, hand balancer, aerialist. 2016 America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Contestant & FINALIST. She can be seen on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon.
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  1. Royal Queens

    Royal Queens

    22 daqiqa oldin

    Can you come and you better not because I like nothing

  2. Joanna John

    Joanna John

    19 soat oldin

    The whole video is 99.9% just Bro and Dude and 00.1 percent is English XD

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    M & M’s Su

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    I got the it

  4. Michael Collie

    Michael Collie

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    5:23 Wow, like wow, like omg wow, wowwww,wwwwwwwooooooowwwwwwwww

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    faisal fadol

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    Are you boys

  6. FantumGaming954


    Kun oldin

    i knew the water melons would break :p

  7. Claire Davies

    Claire Davies

    2 kun oldin

    This is how many times Sofie Touched her best friend 👇🏻

  8. Lawrence Mckenzie Pieterse

    Lawrence Mckenzie Pieterse

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    sofie dossi i love your you tube from misha cool gamer

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    Sally Rokesky

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    Hey sofie !!! YOU WONT LIKE AND COMMENT ON MY POST !!! Edit:omg if she really does I will cry 😭❤️😭❤️

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    Zoie Goodwine

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    If softie hearts this I am gonna die of happy ness 😭😭🥺

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    Alina Abbe’s World

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    👇Pls a big heart for Sophie

  12. Kathy Bainbridge

    Kathy Bainbridge

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    Is your friend flexible?

  13. cj_ e33

    cj_ e33

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    Haha New York

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    Bhavani ch

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    You wouldn't reply an android user....... Android user wouldn't subscribe you maybe then ....

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    Jessica Oswald-McLeod

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    P Who are you are you Jason Derulo

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    Mark Tattum

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    I am your biggest fan ever😄

  17. Fernando Vigo

    Fernando Vigo

    4 kun oldin

    this is how many times they said dude and bro :) ⬇️

  18. Fernando Vigo

    Fernando Vigo

    4 kun oldin

    no they did so much dude and bro :)

  19. Skyler Moon

    Skyler Moon

    5 kun oldin

    Awww when Matilda held the first lady's hand that was so cuuuute and the old couple that was adorablllleee

  20. Olivia Banasinski

    Olivia Banasinski

    5 kun oldin

    Great video and you have great friends.

  21. Lory Santos

    Lory Santos

    5 kun oldin

    I bet most people say "like" A lot

  22. Journey T

    Journey T

    5 kun oldin

    me watching ths video me:sofie dossi is super pretty and when i try to bend i end up like a pretzal that just snapped in half and then she bends in half perfectly and im like what the heck and then i look up does sofie dossi have a spine and it shows videos that dont even tell me but sofie love your vdeos

  23. Tessa Romero

    Tessa Romero

    6 kun oldin

    My bff is ten cause I’m nine and my boy is caleb witch is ten

  24. Rashard Francois

    Rashard Francois

    6 kun oldin

    How did you get your sleep💤😴🛏🛌 Maybe you didn’t get a enough sleep that was too crazy🤪😜😝😛hahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahhaahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaha

  25. Hoi TSUI

    Hoi TSUI

    6 kun oldin

    Sooooo awkward

  26. ZanyZack 5000

    ZanyZack 5000

    6 kun oldin

    6:23 that’s a nice 720s

  27. sergio candido

    sergio candido

    8 kun oldin

    This is how many times they said bro at the start ⬇️

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    Lilith Berquam

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    Riva Gowda

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  30. Suki OvO

    Suki OvO

    9 kun oldin

    WHaT HaPpEnD tp NiA

  31. Pat Walsh

    Pat Walsh

    9 kun oldin

    Covid 19

  32. Pat Walsh

    Pat Walsh

    9 kun oldin

    Why did you keep saying DUDE

  33. Makayla Chou

    Makayla Chou

    9 kun oldin

    u people are just embarrassing ur self

  34. Makayla Chou

    Makayla Chou

    9 kun oldin

    Matilde held someone's hand!?

  35. Darya Schmidt

    Darya Schmidt

    9 kun oldin

    Scout camp is in my office and I’m on the road and will was the last weekend and my mom was a good morning and my mom is your r your mind

  36. Sameeha Suri

    Sameeha Suri

    9 kun oldin

    This is how many times they both have said "dudeee" 👇

  37. Amora Wilder

    Amora Wilder

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    Did your mom kill you



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  43. Allie Cheney

    Allie Cheney

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    What I realized in the very begging is that they said “dude” sooooo many times! Somebody pls reply to this comment telling me how many times

  44. Joel Joseph Jojish

    Joel Joseph Jojish

    11 kun oldin

    Did u guys see that lamborghini centanario

  45. Sarah Allmacher

    Sarah Allmacher

    11 kun oldin

    Is COVID not bad there

  46. Bass


    11 kun oldin

    Metilda stop stabbing the watermelon!!!!

  47. Sondra Lloyd

    Sondra Lloyd

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    Sofie stay safe

  48. Nikol Gbewonyo

    Nikol Gbewonyo

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    Mi name is Matilda and I wish I hade a Friend like that

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    q T

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    Step bro I’m stuck in the sand...

  51. HANSPREET P02020

    HANSPREET P02020

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    This is how many times they said dude and bro... ⬇

  52. Phun Awng

    Phun Awng

    14 kun oldin

    Um i think this is a bad question but i cant ask jordan but can you ask him if he can do pictures with you and tony??

    • Phun Awng

      Phun Awng

      14 kun oldin

      Opps tony lopez and his group i guess...

  53. Olivia Biddle

    Olivia Biddle

    15 kun oldin

    Are you living in LB

  54. Jensen Rosairo

    Jensen Rosairo

    15 kun oldin

    how many time wil l they say but like u know like buy in sofie dossi like yeah but like all over and over again lol XD

  55. kurt stroiney

    kurt stroiney

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  56. Kelly5tcbxvzhhcvcvbbvjbxdaqwer Wadsley

    Kelly5tcbxvzhhcvcvbbvjbxdaqwer Wadsley

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    Hi i am your biggest fan

  57. Shivani Verma

    Shivani Verma

    16 kun oldin

    No one's gonna talk about how much her friend looks like Billie eillish.

    • Sadie K

      Sadie K

      6 kun oldin

      and kind of sort of charli dmelio

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  59. Maddie Tube

    Maddie Tube

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  60. Collin Burton

    Collin Burton

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    I love the casual Mclaren 720s at 6:21!!😂😂

  61. Lorraine Ford

    Lorraine Ford

    18 kun oldin

    obby piggy I love you

  62. Lilly Beckwith

    Lilly Beckwith

    18 kun oldin

    You wouldn’t want to hold anyone’s hand in this time !!

  63. Xhuliana Kadriu

    Xhuliana Kadriu

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  64. Madeline Berglund

    Madeline Berglund

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  65. tryn calpito

    tryn calpito

    19 kun oldin

    whoelse thought it was pierson from the thumbnail XD

  66. liz Breslin

    liz Breslin

    20 kun oldin

    Do more with your bff bc she so funny and she so nice

  67. Grace Docherty

    Grace Docherty

    20 kun oldin

    so are those watermelon shoes an all size fits all???



    20 kun oldin


  69. Kido Lee

    Kido Lee

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  70. RIP Camron boyce

    RIP Camron boyce

    22 kun oldin

    Matilda and sophie is me and my best freind 😂❤️

  71. Elise Geffers

    Elise Geffers

    22 kun oldin

    Oh my goodness😂 14:55

  72. Elise Geffers

    Elise Geffers

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    OMG they are so funny!😂😂🤣🤣🤩🥰🥳🤪

  73. miajane


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    Me:trys to do the same thing now someone amongst step on me:/

  74. Nahja Ross

    Nahja Ross

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    I like wanted those watermelon shoes/purse for my birthday on March 22 shopsofiedossi.com is a disappointment

  75. Inma Carrillo

    Inma Carrillo

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    4:48 I would but I can't cuz I live in spain and i can't see my idol 😢

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    Sophie Sheridan

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    1k subs before 2021

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    Ilana Esposito

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    Crystal Gamer55

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    Leigha Mead

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  94. Emma Cook

    Emma Cook

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    Larraine Lancellotti

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    Unicorn Games and vlogs fun

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    mickey mouse

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